Skandinavische Tischlampe in Blassgrün & Blau von Per Linnemann-Schmid...

800.00 EUR

This tall table lamp was designed by Per Linnemann-Schmidt for Palshus and produced in Denmark during the 1960s. It is made with chamotte clay which gives a rough and vivid surface and it has a pale green glaze with blue glaze in the incised stripes. The lamp is factory first and features a new lampshade designed in Denmark. The lampshade includes a top cover. The height including the lampshade is 65,5 cm, the height of the lamp base without the socket is 39,5 cm. The base diameter is 10,5 cm. The piece is marked on verso with Palshus, PL-S (for Per Linnemann-Schmidt), DL 32 (model number).

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