Verstellbare 566 Tischlampe von Gino Sarfatti für Arteluce, 1956

4 000.00 EUR

This model 566 table lamp was designed by Gino Sarfatti in 1956 for his own manufacturer, Arteluce. It was one of the first lamps in Italy to feature the new Cornalux lightbulb. This piece has a truncated-cone shaped base, made of craquelé-painted cast iron, that leans the stem forward, bringing the light source closer to the user. The reflector is free to slide along the stem and can be stopped at any height. The electric wire, as in many Arteluce lamps, is not only a functional element but adds aesthetic value. This piece belongs to the early production (when this lamp was manufactured only in two colors, cream and black - other colors were added later) and is in very good conditions, with its original paint and wiring, still retaining the Arteluce label.

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